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FiiO BTR7 Bluetooth Bärbar Hörlursförstärkare

Artnr: BTR7
Lagerstatus: I lager
Artikelnamn: FiiO BTR7 Bluetooth Bärbar Hörlursförstärkare
2 499,00




Color display

The BTR series has come with a color display! With the same design language as the flagships in the chassis, it is reminiscent of a mini M17. The color display now presents important information such as volume, power, gain and sound formats in an intuitive way - just one of many ways the BTR7 shows off its brilliance.

2x THX AAA-28 - Extraordinary!

The BTR7 is the very first portable Bluetooth amplifier that uses 2 THX AAA-28 amplifiers. FiiO's R&D team had a breakthrough where it was possible to fit 4 channels of the THX chip in a compact format, to achieve a completely balanced system - the result is 88% more power in the 3.5 mm output and 30% more power in the 4.4 mm output. The power you can bring with you is completely revolutionary.

Worry-free battery life - both wireless and wired charging options

As a multi-functional bluetooth amplifier, the BTR7 needs plenty of battery power throughout the day. Not only has the battery capacity increased to 880 mAh, but both wireless and wired charging enable multiple charging scenarios. Wired charging via USB is the fastest and most efficient, while Qi wireless charging is convenient and will automatically stop charging when the battery is full.

2x microphones with crystal clear speech sound

If you need to talk a lot on the phone while you're on the move, the BTR7 has a very good microphone with built-in noise cancellation.

Customize your user experience with FiiO Control

With the FiiO Control app, you can customize your user experience in several ways. You can, among other things:

For USB connection: Choose whether the device should draw power from the connection or use its own battery.

When connected to a car: Choose whether the device should automatically switch on and off with your car.

Adjusting the balance: If you have hearing loss, you can adjust the balance between the right and left channels.

Select filter: Switch between filters to change the sound.

Apply EQ: Use a 10-band equalizer to adjust the sound to your preferences.



Tekniska specifikationer

Producentens garanti (månader):           12
Typ av produkt:                                     Bärbar DAC + hörlursförstärkare
Färg:                                                    Svart
Anslutningsgränssnitt:                           Bluetooth 5.1
Ljudformat:                                         AAC, apt-X, LDAC, SBC, apt-X HD, apt-X LL
EAN:                                                    6953175790990

Läge för ljudutgång:         Stereo
Funktioner:                      Hörlursförstärkare
Medieinnehållskälla:         Bluetooth
Ljudspecifikationer:         Förstärkare - svarstid: 20 - 20000 Hz - SNR: 115 dB THD: 0.00048%
Ytterligare funktioner:     DAC-högtalarsystem, inbyggd klämma, inbyggd mikrofon, aptX Low Latency Broadcast Audio Stream, appstyrning, OTA-uppdateringar

Uteffekt / total 320 mW

Diagonal storlek 1.3"

Anslutningstyp:      Hörlurar (minihörlurskontakt, stereo 3,5 mm)
                             USB (USB Type-C)
                             Hörlursutgång (4,4 mm balanserad utgång)

Inkluderade tillbehör: Läderväska, USB-C-kabel

Intern Batteri:                 Laddningsbart
Inkluderad kvantitet:      1
Kapacitet:                      880 mAh
Laddningstid:                 1.5 timme/timmar

Mått och vikt
Bredd:    3.96 cm
Djup:     1.46 cm
Höjd:     8.36 cm
Vikt:      68 g

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Artnr: BTR7
Lagerstatus: I lager


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